Oral Presentation Guidelines


The oral presentations are Friday December 5th, Monday December 8th, and Wednesday, December 10th . 


The presentation will count as one of your individual memo grades.


The presentation should be approximately 12 minutes.  You will be penalized for going more than 1 minute under or over time.


The presentation should include the following slides:











You should spend at least 1 minute per slide.  Try to include visuals in addition to text.


Presentations must be emailed to me by 7:00 PM the day before the presentation.



Oral Presentation Score Sheet


Group Members:  ________________________________________________________

Title of Presentation:  ____________________________________________________

Superior:                                5

Above Average:                  4

Average:                                3

Below Average:                    2

Inferior:                                  1

Missing:                                0


Slides (Design, content, and delivery)


_____ Introduction/Title Slide



_____ Key target specifications



_____ Concept generation and definition



_____ Product Architecture



_____ Industrial Design



_____ DFM/DFA



_____ Cost sheet



_____ Prototype/Design Summary



_____ Summary





_____ Time __ : ____ (-1 per minute over or under 12 minutes)


_____ Delivery of presentation




 _____ Total (out of 50 points)