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Picture overlooking Mt.Steller and the Bagley Ice Field located in southeastern Alaska 60°35’47.7” 142°40’35.8” (7-22-2005)

Aaron L. Berger

Ph.D. Candidate
Neotectonics, Geomorphology, and Structural Geology

Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
Department of Geosciences
4044 Derring Hall
Blacksburg, Virginia 24061

Office phone: 1-(540)-231-1653
Email: alberger at. vt.edu

Scholastic Background
B.S. in Geology from New Mexico Tech (1998-2002)

Research Activities / Description
St. Elias Orogen, Alaska

The role of fluvial and glacial induced erosion on exhumation rates and strain partitioning within southeast Alaska's active Chugach / St.Elias orogen.

Totschunda Fault, Alaska
Quaternary kinematics and strain rate along the Totschunda Fault which ruptured during the 2002 Denali Mw 7.9 Denali earthquake.
Silver Bow Sapphire Deposit
Located the first bedrock source for any of southwest Montana's alluvial sapphire deposits 9.5 km west of Butte, Montana for the Silver Bow sapphire occurrence. The host rock is a sapphire-bearing felsic lapilli tuff of the Eocene Lowland Creek Volcanic field.
Anaconda Metamorphc Core Complex
Structural mapping and kinematical analyses within the Anaconda Metamorphic Core Complex located in southwest Montana.
Pipestone Creek Watershed, Montana
Long term environmental effects on the Pipestone Creek watershed resulting from widespread recreational all-terrain vehicle (ATV) use and the close proximity of the Interstate-90 corridor.

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