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[Readers, please note that while the year is 2013/2014, it is 1999/2000 in the mystery]

Trefoil Academy - A History

As major events occur, the tale of Trefoil Academy is updated below

In 1406, three prodigiously skilled young wizards participated in the world famous Triwizard Tournament. From Hogwarts, the seventeen year old witch Wilona Wolfin stunned the judges when she successfully got past a chimera in the first task, not only completely unharmed, but also successfully soothing the savage beast and winning the first task. From Beaubaton's, the eighteen year old Henri Dragonor astonished the audience when he combined the Draught of Living Death with a Sanity Solution and drank it, winning the second task. Henri knew that the dragon's scales in the Sanity Solution would neutralize the Draught of Living Death. From Durmstrang, Luana Artemis initially intended to abstain from the final task, a dueling challenge, until one of the Beaubaton's students insulted her. She then flattened her competition.

Quite unusually, however, during the course of the Triwizard Tournament, rather than the competitors becoming more fearsome rivals, they developed an unbreakable bond of friendship that lasted throughout their lives. After graduating from their respective schools, the three embarked on the tradition of touring the world and exploring other magical cultures. During their time in Greece, they met the young witch Orthia Stephen who was quickly drawn into their adventures.

During their time together, the four began discussing possibilities, as is the way of the young and enthusiastic. They fantasized about an elite academy for the best and the brightest, regardless of their background. But schools required funding, and where was the right place to teach the best from the world?

After their tour of the world, the four parted ways, but not their bonds of friendship. They each studied and excelled in their chosen fields, but they never forgot their youthful dreams of an academy of their own. Undaunted, the four's creativity and resourcefulness took hold. Unlike the other schools, why should they have to be bound to a particular location, especially when it was the spirit behind the Triwizard Tournament that brought them together in the first place? Let the other wizarding schools take turns hosting their academy when they were not in session. In exchange, the four would bring their expertise to the region.

The Academy's Emblem

In 1420, Trefoil Academy of Magery and Sorcery was formed. Luana Artemis named her house Phoenixter in honor of the phoenix whose tears once saved and changed her life. The phoenix stands as a fiery symbol of the house of crimson and black. Wilona Wolfin called her house Wolfin after the spirit of the wolf that has always assisted her. The lone wolf howling at the moon is the emblem of the house of green and black. Henri Dragonor named his house Dragonor out of respect for the secret magic of dragons. The dragon serves as the mascot of the house of gold and silver. Orthia Stephen called her house Waverider after a spirit of adventure and nature. The hippocampus is the symbol of the house of blue and silver. Their first summer session was held at Hogwart's School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and was a resounding success. Each year, their numbers of students and the renown of their work grew. As word of their work spread, the academy traveled further and wider. The four founders quickly found themselves overwhelmed with eager young minds. They needed help. Rather than having a permanent staff, however, they built a pool of professors from which to pull. While it meant that their faculty would change from year to year, the founders cared more about making sure their students received the best education possible. Throughout the year, the professors of Trefoil Academy continue their own education in their respective fields to ensure that students always have the latest information for their studies.

In order to expand the curriculum and allow more to share in their knowledge, the position of head girl and head boy was created in each house in 1434. Not minding being different from the other wizarding schools, Trefoil head girls and head boys serve as faculty and staff. Some took the position to gain teaching experiences while others are attracted to the gypsy lifestyle of the academy. Still others are alumni who just wish to return to a place of enrichment.

In 1467, the four founders decided to retire. Their head girls and head boys stepped up and became the new head of the house.

In 1520, the four heads of the houses sought out a headmistress to help guide the school.

During the early 1600's, the Trefoil Academy allowed some of its most gifted students to being to travel with them as long as a guardian or the ministry permitted.

In 1995, the Trefoil Academy returned to Hogwarts for what they thought would be another typical summer session. house cup They were correct - it wasn't quiet. Two unexpected guests had decided to join the academy for this summer session. The first guest promptly had made his presence known when he turned the Great Hall into a lagoon, complete with waterfall. Peeves, the Hogwarts poltergeist, unleashed nonstop pranks on the professors with joyful laughter. The professors bravely continued to prepare for their incoming students, hopeful that his pranks would cease by their arrival. During the next day's sorting ceremony, the professors' wishes turned out to be in vain for someone had stolen the Hogwarts house cup. Up to this point, it had been tradition for the academy to award their hosting school's house cup to the academy house that had won the most points but now an important part of this tradition was missing. But who had dunnit? While the staff tried to contain Peeves, the students took matters into their own hands and thoroughly hunted for clues and questioned the staff. But some of their questions tempted another unexpected guest out of the shadows where he had silently been watching the unfolding events with amusement. Peppered among the taunts to the students, the notorious Eyes Inthe Dark provided insightful observations and ambigious clues. When students naturally questioned if Eyes was a friend or foe, the response was only mocking laughter. By the end of the session, the students learned that Peeves along with one of the academy professors had taken the Hogwarts Cup. The professor's motivation was to prove to the headmistress that the students cared about house cup enough and that they desired to have their own. It was put to a vote and the Headmistress agreed to allow the academy to obtain its own house cup. The four houses developed possible designs for the new cup would pull elements from each of the designs. Due to the students' determination, the Hogwarts house cup was recovered and rewarded to the winning house since it take time to commission the new cup. When the students left for home, only two questions remained. Who was Eyes Inthe Dark and what was his plans for the academy?

At the end of the 1995 session, the headmistress consulted the seeker's ball to find out who would be hosting the academy next. Once fiercely shaken, this magical artifact revealed the name 'Durmstrang'. Shortly after this discover, the academy's headmistress was promptly pulled into a top-secret, classified meeting with members of the International Council of Ministries of Magic along with other parties. Days turned into weeks as the academy faculty and staff anxiously waited to hear word but none came. Various types of "creative" methods of communication were attempted but with no success. With limited information to go off, the academy professors continue to work on preparations to attend Durmstrang.

The new year brought many changes. In January 1996, a sudden and startling announcement was made. The Trefoil Academy broke from its centuries old tradition of attending a different wizarding school each year. They would be returning to Hogwarts for the second consecutive year. As the professors were left reeling, the wizarding world receive another shock. The Ministry of Magic had placed a High Inquisitor to investigate the current standards of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Upon finding out that Hogwarts Headmaster Dumbledore resisted capture on the charge of conspiracy, England's Ministry of Magic promoted Doroles Umbridge to being the new headmistress of Hogwarts Castle. A battle broke out between Trefoil Academy's professors and Hogwarts' new headmistress over how the academy would be run despite the fact that "Headmistress" Umbridge was not welcome on site. England's Ministry of Magic chose to side with that woman after someone had attempted to rob the academy's protective storage where the academy's dark artifacts were stored. After several tense months, Dumbledore was found innocent and reinstated as the headmaster of Hogwarts. But the biggest shock wave had yet to come. In July 1996, the Ministry of Magic revealed that He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named was back after denying such rumors for the full year. Minister Cornelius Fudge was soon replaced by Rufus Scrimgeour. The Ministry of Magic urged various schools to close their doors, but Trefoil Academy remained determined to hold its session. Since the academy's headmistress was still nowhere to be found, the ministry opted to delegate their own official to serve as Trefoil's headmaster, Marvin Gill. With these new troubles and looming threat of Eyes Inthe Dark, Trefoil Academy knew that they would have to live up to their motto of "Adapt. Improvise. Overcome. Mischief Managed".

Undaunted by the world's events, the students of Trefoil Academy of Magery and Sorcery were ready to go after stopping in Diagon and Knockturn Alley to outfit themselves. Meanwhile, the Trefoil professors worked on coming up with an acceptable working arrangement with the new headmaster. After making their way through the foggy lake, the new students were sorted and then joined the rest of their housemate. The academy was introduced to their new headmaster, granted in a slightly modified form. The students were quite diligent in making sure to introduce themselves to Headmaster Gill, who happily returned their greetings by spreading his fins. Following the time honored tradition of "not-it", the Head of Phoenixter was elected to the role of acting headmistress despite her defense of 'I asked for a raise, not a promotion.' After moving into their respective houses, the students went on tour of the grounds and to see where they would be taking classes. An alarm soon went up that the house cup was missing . . . again. Diligently, the students began looking for the house cup. Later at dinner, it was revealed that the house cup had been taken to be cleaned. The houses spent the rest of the evening learning about the academy and each other. Tragedy struck the next morning. Trefoil Academy has always sought to keep powerful dark artifacts out of the public's hands, and the most dangerous of those artifacts were four crystal jewels that were created by the academy's founders. house jewels - dark artifacts that are extremely powerful The four founders had been deeply concerned especially with the bringing the best and the brightest together that a house could go evil. Resolved, they took the negative energy associated with each mascot and bounded them to separate jewels. These jewels were missing, stolen by Eyes Inthe Dark. Armed with the knowledge that the existence of the academy and their houses were in danger, the students began searching to find the answers that had eluded the rest of the wizarding for decades. They needed to figure out who Eyes Inthe Dark was and why he would take the jewels. Over the next several days, they discovered that Eyes Inthe Dark was not the only player they had to deal with. Garnet Itzel, a notorious dark witch stalked the grounds and the students reported seeing other death eaters as well. On top of that, there was a mysterious man with a bleeding mask that lurked in dark and dangerous places. Who was he? What role did he play in this? What did he want? At the final banquet, Eyes stepped forward and revealed who he was. As Eyes explained, he had taken the jewels to protect them from his sister, Garnet Itzel. Garnet sought the jewels' power for her own since she desiring to create horocuxes, the foulest of dark artifacts. Impressed by the academy in the past, Eyes pleaded with the academy for aid before announcing something that stunned the entire academy. Headmistress Belle had left the grounds to go to a meeting and had been taken by Garnet. Since its creation, the academy had always been neutral in all conflicts. It was decided that they could no longer turn the cheek now in world affairs.

Throughout fall, winter and spring, the Trefoil Academy students with the aid of professors sought to locate their missing headmistress. However, when they finally managed to locate her, she revealed very grave news. Garnet Itzel had managed to obtain the necessary research now to create horocruxes.

The summer morphed into a race between Garnet Itzel and the academy students as they struggled to locate and unlock various powerful artifacts that were hidden. Their dilgent efforts rewarded in them finding 7 out of the 12 horocruxes. They managed to break through the protective wards of 5 horocruxes. The students encountered several unexpected complications for Garnet Itzel opted to imperious one of the professors. That profressor then imperioused another professor and so on and so on. Even when it seemed like all hope was lost with 3/4's of the professors being imperioused, the students managed to luckily id the initial victim, thus breaking the chain.

However, winter heralded in the height of the second wizarding war. Members of Trefoil Academy in England and Scotland had been on the run until the snatchers finally caught them. Upon arriving at the Ministry of Magic, their first task was to escape. Retreating into the woods, our rebels soon found a clearing and stopped to catch their breath. While being on the run, our brave band of rebels encountered some disturbing news. After making a decision that running was not going to be enough, the rebels opted to train hard for the rest of the day. They practiced on their dodging skills, brushed up on crafting protective amulets, explored new battle tactics and even practice dueling each other. However, it was only after dinner did the rebels noticed that one of their numbers was missing. It was time to fight back. The students fought back and managed to save Froggie from the clutches of the Death Eaters.

In the spring of 1998, He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named continued his reign of terror. Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry had been overruned and was now firmly in the Death Eaters. However, a small group of our students joined the Hogwarts students to rebel from inside the walls of Hogwarts Castle itself. Sheltered by the Room of Requirement, these brave students trained hard. They sought to thwart Bellatrix Lestrange when she attempted to oversee their class to ensure that the future generation of Death Eaters was being held to her standards. The rebels evaded capture by manuevering through the castle's pipes. They sent messages to the Order of the Phoenix by racing across the ramparts of the castle. However, upon catching word that the Death Eaters had planned an ambush that would ultimately destroy the Order of the Phoenix, the students knew it was time for desperate messages. At great peril, they distracted the Death Eaters in order to ransack Headmaster Snape's office for the battle plans.

The Battle of Hogwarts collapsed the protective wards surrounding the castle. In a final act before heading on a much needed vacation, acting headmistress McGongall raised a protective ward over the castle. The protective ward would not allow any maliciously intending, living creature through it. This was troublesome to Garnet Itzel, a rogue Blood Herald. She knew that the previous summer that the students had uncovered some of her horcruxes. We confront Rae While no one had made a motion towards destroying them, she desperately needed them back. Things had become increasingly dangerous in her revolt to seize control over the Blood Herald organization. Kidnapping a Trefoil Academy staff member, she created a doppelganger using the gemino curse. The resulting doppelganger slowly eroded for the spell was inherently unstable, but the doppelganger was not a living creature. Therefore, it was be able to sneak past the wards. Infiltrating the academy, Garnet sent doppelganger on a quest to destroy the wards by any means possible. In effort to ensure the survival of its mission, the doppelganger murdered one of the staff members and imperious another. The students had to figure out who the doppelganger was and managed to locate the missing professor. Furthermore, there was issue of the wards themselves. Every action has consequences. Since no horcruxes were destroyed the previous summer, the wards were being contaminated by close to a dozen horcruxes. However, the students received a mysterious package from a "friend", each house was given a different tool that may help or harm them on their quest to raise the wards. The four packages were: a potions manual, a spell book for opening a portal to the shadow realm, the construction of an artifact, and a homunculus. All of the packages belong to a dark wizard. Despite the students' valient efforts to raise the wards, Garnet Itzel managed to seize control over the homunculus which is a very dark golemn. Furthermore, several shadow realm creatures escaped into the grounds before the portal was closed. When Garnet Itzel dared to show her face, the students fought back and repelled her but not before she managed to retrieve her horocruxes. However, one of her rebel blood heralds left behind something quite sinister. A time turner. With close to 150 gifted witches and wizards hot on her trail and losing in her battle to seize control, lets just say that Garnet Itzel has chosen to try to alter things more to her favor. Jumping back in time, she seeks alter the balance of power by turning to another well-known villainous organization for aid. Who may be this villainous organization? The Death Eaters.

Dark days indeed fell upon the illustrious academy particularly when the summer's events came to light in the Daily Prophet:

The infamous Trefoil Academy has been put on trial for concealing a murder for a week and for tampering with a crime scene. If convicted, the staff would face life in Azkaban. When asked to comment on the situation, CMC professor Moon said, "This is absolutely ludicrous! We didn't - oh, never mind." Ash, the head of Phoenixter and acting headmistress said, "Well, there's one way to decide where the Academy will be this summer." The staff are pleading "Guilty of what? Be more specific." Ministry officials have been bombarding the staff with interrogations and investigations. Many of the staff claim to were never told why and Ash claims the Ministry never told her about the investigation. Some people are puzzled over the Ministry's motives to attack the famous school. "Don't they have better things to do in their spare time, like finding the remaining Death Eaters and investigating the masked person who stole all those time turners?" exclaimed one professor. For now it is hard to say how this trial will go, but it certainly will not help the Academy's shady reputation.
We bring you an update on the trial of the infamous wizarding school, Trefoil Academy. The first day of the trial proved quite interesting. The staff continue to plead, "Guilty of what?" despite having heard the charges against them. Many of the professors refused to comment or answer questions. Critter, a Professor of Wolfin house, said, "I've never known an academy as successful and professional and ours and it is an outrage that we have come under attack for trying to serve justice ourselves!" Acting Headmistress Ash has not been brought up for questioning yet and only watched silently during the trial, though she was often seen with her hand over her mouth. Many think this trial is pointless. When asked to comment Minister of Magic Kingsley Shacklebolt said, "We aim to bring justice to those who deserve it." Thus far the Ministry has not been able to present any concrete evidence that the Staff are guilty as charged and many believe they have no evidence. They have repeatedly brought up the point of how shady many of the staff are, however none of this is relevant to the case at hand. Many are calling this trial the Ministry's way of flexing its muscles after the Second Wizarding War. "They just want to show everyone that they still exist despite their temporary downfall to He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named" said one witch.

Today's session closed after the Wizarding Gemaut reviewed the days proceedings. No vote was taken and no one announced when it would be taken.
The trial of Trefoil Academy continues. Today's trial was uneventful. Three of the Head of Houses were brought up for questioning: Paws of Wolfin, Laura of Dragonor, and Rhine of Waverider. Ash still has not been questioned. All three defendants pleaded "guilty of what?" and refused to answer questions until some hard evidence of their guilt was presented. The Wizarding Gemaut looked uneasy as the audience grew restless and started agreeing with the Professors. The Minister asked the Head of Houses about their claim that "Blood Heralds" were to blame for it all and that they had horcruxes and time turners. All three said everything was true. At this, many of the Wizarding Gemaut looked doubtful. "This is about their on going battle with 'Garnet Itzel.' They're just trying to coverup their mistakes with that excuse," said one member of the Wizarding Gemaut. An audience member proclaimed, "The Ministry hasn't changed one bit or learned anything. They simply don't want to believe that there are still other groups of dark witches and wizards out there even with the Deatheaters gone. Why can't they learn to take these threats seriously?" By the end of the proceedings no one looked happy. One parent expressed the hopes of many by saying, "I just hope the Wizarding Gemaut will see that despite its flaws the Academy is a really great school full of smart and caring professors." Still no word on when a vote will be taken.
In the end, the staff of Trefoil Academy was sentenced to Azakaban. However, the students of the academy proceeded to take matters into their own hands. In a gallent effort to free their beloved staff, several of the campers also got caught. However, the academy community remained determined as ever. Escaping from their cells, the students snuck through the dark hallways and secret chambers of Azakaban to find evidence to prove the academy's "innocence" once and for all.

Summer Session 2013

The continuing journey of the Trefoil Academy and its professors may be here.