July 13, 2014 - July 19, 2014

7 days and 6 Nights

(Sorry, No Day Tripping Allowed! Due to the distance from home and the length of stay, this is not generally recommended as a first-time-away-from-home experience.)
Students' Ages (Girls only): 8 - 17

Prefects' Ages (Female Counselor-In-Training only): 14 - 17
Learn more about the prefect program

Price: $249.00

(Girls that are not registered Girl Scouts may attend after paying an additional fee of $15 to register with the Girl Scouts.)
Camp fee includes a patch, camp pictures, hand carved wand, tie dye, meals & snacks, lodgings, program activities, and more!

Important: Skyline Council now charges a 3.75% credit card processing fee off of the total price. You may also pay by check.

Enrollment Status:
Tier 1: 2013 Summer Session Wait-Listed Campers: CLOSED
Tier 2: 2013 Summer Session Returning Campers: CLOSED
Tier 3: 2014 Open Enrollment: CLOSED

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Why Formally Wait-List?

Not only do we tap campers from our wait-list, but we also provide the option of going stand-by. If a registered 2014 camper is a no-show, we will contact you on the first day of camp to see if you are interested in attending.

Regardless if you come to the 2014 session, wait-listed individuals are also granted an exclusive enrollment period in January 2015. While we are unable to reserve slots, you will get a slot if your application is received during that period.

Reviews and Student Testimonies:
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2012 - Gemino Curse
2011 - Accio
2010 - Lumos
2009 (pilot) - Mischief Managed