Siege of Granada

Divisions of the Iberian Peninsula circa 1490


SOL: WHI.12a

Date: 1491-1492

Synopsis: Most of the Moorish Muslim kingdoms that had been found throughout Spain since the Umayyad conquests of 700's had falled to Christian Castilian forces by 1491. The only significant Muslim outpost left in Spain was Granada, in the southern portion of the Iberian Peninsula. When the inhabitants of the city refused to recognized the sovereignty of Ferdinand and Isabella, king and queen of Castile and Aragon, siege was laid to the city. Facing eventual starvation, the commander of the Muslim forces Sultan Muhammad XI surrendered after the palace-fortress Alhambra fell. Freedom of worship was guranteed to the inhabitants of the city. Nevertheless, this marked the end of the Reconquista period, and the end of Muslim rule in Spain.

Key Words:

Moor- medievel Muslimes of the Iberian Peninsula and western Africa.

Reconquista- Spanish for reconquest, was the eight-century process of reconquering the Iberian Peninsula from its Muslim conquerors.