As part of our goal to provide information on public perceptions of the scientific, regulatory, educational, and commercial issues involving the many different aspects of biotechnology, with emphasis on environmental and agricultural issues, we have found several useful websites dedicated to biotechnology.

IASTATE This is a link to the Biotechnology Home Page from Iowa State University, and is a comprehensive website that contains information on virtually any biotechnology topic.

BIC This is the Biotechnology Information Center home page from USDA's National Agricultural Library. The BIC contains a diverse and large quantity of biotechnology information, including information on APHIS approvals of field tests of genetically engineered plants, and a comprehensive Glossary of Agricultural Biotechnology TERMS.

GENETECH This is the "Access Excellence" home page that consists of a national educational program sponsored by the biotechnology company Genentech, Inc.

GABA The Global Agricultural Biotechnology home page. This site includes a "GABA Online" section that does an excellent job of compiling virtually all Agbiotech resources currently available on the Internet.

LAW This is the new Biotechnology Law web site, maintained by Foley and Lardner, a general practice law firm in Washington, D. C. It includes a patent primer and documentaion on biotechnology patent and legal issues, as well as reviews of case law that impact the biotechnology community.

CATO Research Ltd., maintains a biotechnology resources home page that is primarily directed towards the biomedical area, but includes newsbytes and education on all topics related to biotechnology. Under their "General" section is an extensive list of websites that bear even the slightest relationship to biotechnology.

EPA This is the U. S. Environmental Protection Agency home page, and contains information on regulation and approvals of field releases of genetically engineered microorganisms.

ICGEB This is a link to the United Nations International Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology, Triste, Italy.

BIO This is the Biotechnology Industry Organization home page, that includes information of interest to the biotechnology industry at large, and specificially BIO members. Membership is required to obtain access to much of the posted material.

NCBIG This is a link to the U.S. National Institutes of Health, National Center for Biotechnology Information Genebank. The material at this site is oriented towards medical applications and the human genome project.

IND This is an interactive biotechnology resource and reference site at the University of Indiana that includes material on educational guides, science resources, and biotechnology applications.

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