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representative publications

Chiu, PH, Kayali, MA, Kishida, KT, Tomlin, D, Klinger, LG, Klinger, M, Montague, PR (2008) Self responses along cingulate cortex reveal quantitative neural phenotype for high functioning autism. Neuron 57: 463-473. [PDF] [SOM] [Preview] [Cover]

Chiu, PH, Lohrenz, TM, Montague, PR (2008) Smokers' brains compute but ignore a fictive error signal in a sequential investment task. Nature Neuroscience 11: 514-520. [PDF] [SOM]

Chiu, PH, Holmes, AJ, Pizzagalli, DA (2008) Dissociable recruitment of rostral anterior cingulate and inferior frontal cortex in emotional response inhibition. NeuroImage 42: 988-997. [PDF]

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Lindsey, L, King-Casas, B, Brovko, J, Chiu, PH (2009) Toward functional neurobehavioral assessment of mood and anxiety. Conf Proc IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society 2009: 5393-5396. [PDF]


Chiu, PH & Deldin, PJ (2007) Neural evidence for enhanced error detection in major depressive disorder. American Journal of Psychiatry 164: 608-616. [PDF] [Editorial]

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Deldin, PJ & Chiu, PH (2005) Cognitive restructuring and EEG in major depression. Biological Psychology 70: 141-151. [PDF]

Ambady, N, Chiao, J, Chiu, P, Deldin, PJ (2005) Race and emotion: Insights from a social neuroscience perspective. In JT Cacioppo, PS Visser, CL Pickett (Eds.), Social Neuroscience: People Thinking About People, MIT Press: pp 209-228.

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