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Djordje Minic
Associate Professor of Physics
Particle & String Theory
Ph.D.: University of Texas at Austin
323 Robeson Hall
(540) 231-8741
FAX: (540) 231-3526


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Research Interests
My research is focused on the problem of a non-perturbative formulation of string theory, the only known perturbative theory of quantum gravity and Standard-Model-like matter.

I am deeply interested in all conceptual, gravitational, cosmological and particle physics aspects of string theory and quantum gravity. String theory originated from efforts to understand the strong interactions, so I also work intensely on trying to understand the non-perturbative dynamics of gauge theories, such as quantum chromodynamics (QCD).

Furthermore, I am fascinated with the relationship between quantum field theory and condensed matter and statistical physics. In particular, I have applied theoretical methods from string theory and modern quantum field theory to the questions ranging from the spin dual of the Fractional Quantum Hall Effect, high-temperature superconductivity and topological insulators to the problems of turbulence and aging in non-equilibrium statistical physics as well as the physics of the Riemann zeros.

As an extension of my work on the conceptual issues in string theory and quantum gravity I have been recently attracted to more foundational aspects of quantum theory in general.

Finally, I nurture a non-professional interest in the subject of history of physics. Some of my historical and other musings about physics can be found in my popular book ``In search of another miraculous year'' (published in Serbian, Belgrade, 2005).

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