Reading Guide
October Sky
Chapter 22

1.  Who replaces Mr. Fuller?  What bad news does he have?

2.  Where are Valentine and Buck?

3.  The book requires  the boys to make decisions.  What do they decide is the most important for their rockets?

4.  What goal does Quentin want to set? Sonny?

5.  What problem does Sonny have?

6.  How does Quentin define a great rocket?

7.  Why are Sonny's drawings worthless?

8.  What does he have to do?

9. What does Mr. Hartsfield say about the calculations?

10.  What's wrong with Miss Riley?

11. What does Sonny decide to do?

12.  How does he convince Mr. Turner?

13. What happens to Miss Riley when they climb the stairs?

14.  Where is Jake?

15.  Why does Elsie remark, "The acorn doesn't fall far from the oak?"

16.  What rumor does Elsie jokingly worry about?

17.  What does Homer have to do before Thanksgiving?

18.  How high does Auk XXIII go?  Why isn't Sonny pleased?

19.  What does O'Dell discover?

20.  Where does Roy Lee think the worst "erosion" is?  Why?

21.  How do the boys solve the erosion problem?

22. Who is drunk and causing trouble at the launch?

23.  How high does Auk XXIV go?

24.  What political topic do Homer and Sonny discuss?

25.  What comes through the window?