Hazhir Rahmandad


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My current teaching interests include simulation modeling and system dynamics, systems engineering process, product development, and project management. I organize my courses around hand on practice, team based learning principles, and projects. I put less emphasis on solo lecturing and exams compared to traditional methods, and strive to engage students in every aspect of the course, from deciding on grading rubric to double blind peer review of student reports. All the courses I teach are offered in multiple campuses including at Northern Virginia Center, Blacksburg, and multiple other sites across the common wealth. Here are a list of courses I teach regularly with brief information about each:


ENGR 5104- Systems Engineering Process Core Course

A graduate course on system dynamics and systems thinking. Sterman’s Business Dynamics is the text book for the course. Evaluation includes class teamwork, personal projects, critique of projects by other students, final exam, and peer evaluation. The course is offered both online and in the classroom through video broadcast services. See the Fall 11 syllabus.


ISE 6024- Advanced Dynamic Modeling

A second graduate level course in system dynamics and simulation modeling techniques. The course covers both hands-on experience of client interaction through modeling-consulting projects, and advanced topics in building and analysis of dynamic models. The syllabus for Spring 09 offering of the course is available here.

If you may have projects in your organization that fit well for this class, please see the project proposal invitation and send me a note with more information. I will consider proposals for the next offering of the course (Spring 2012) or for small research collaborations.


ENGR 5004- Systems Engineering Applications

This course covers the systems engineering process including concept and preliminary design, detailed design, implementation and production, system use, and disposal. Several tools are introduced for successfully designing and implementing a new system. Blanchard and Fabrycky’s Systems Engineering and Analysis is the course text. It is one of the core courses for systems engineering master program at ISE and is offered in spring semesters.  See Spring 2011 syllabus.