First recorded slaves brought to North America…1619

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In 1619, 20 African slaves were brought by a Dutch solider to the English colony of Jamestown in Virginia. This marked the beginning of the height of the transatlantic slave trade. This process was known as the Middle Passage or Triangular Trade. Goods from the Americas went to Africa, slaves went from Africa to the Caribbean and South America, and sugar and other goods went from the Caribbean and South American to North America. It is estimated that 40-100 million Africans were enslaved as a result of the transatlantic and Arab slave trades.




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First recorded slaves brought to North America…1619: NCSS VII: Production, Distribution, and Consumption

Because the transatlantic slave trade dealt with the distribution of human capital, it is related to the NCSS Them VII, Production, Distribution, and Consumption. There was a need to certain goods in the Americas, Europe, and Africa, The triangle trade allowed for these needs to be met. The development of the institution of slavery and the individuals involved in all aspects of the trade connect it to the NCSS Theme IV, Individual Development and Identity and NCSS Theme V, Individuals, Groups, and Institutions.The global nature of this trade also links the slave trade to the NCSS Theme IX, Global Connections.


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