Writing Assignment on Late Medieval Europe and the Renaissance

(Due on April 29)


Directions:  You are to write a 1-2 page mini-biography of a man or woman who lived during the time period we’ve been studying.  This man or woman may be chosen from the list below, or you may choose another, though I will need to approve your choice first.


You must use at least two sources for the assignment, one of which must be a book or magazine article.  You cannot rely solely on the Internet, nor can either source be an encyclopedia or textbook. At the end of your paper, you must provide documentation for the sources you use.  For books, you need only provide the author’s name and book title.  For a magazine article, you must provide author, title, source (e.g., Time Magazine), and date of publication.  For the Internet, you must provide the name of the webpage and the URL.


The paper must be typed and double-spaced.  Grading of the paper will follow the attached rubric.





Albrecht Dürer

Christopher Columbus




Ferdinand of Aragon

Filippo Brunelleschi

Frederick Barbarossa

Geoffrey Chaucer

Hans Holbein the Younger

Henry II

Henry V

















Hugh Capet

Isabella d’Este

Isabella I

Ivan the Great

Joan of Arc

Johannes Gutenberg

John, King of England

La Gioconda (Mona Lisa)

Leonardo da Vinci

Lorenzo de Medici

Lucrezia Borgia


















Peter Abelard

Philip Augustus

Phillip II

Pieter Bruegel the Elder


Richard the Lionhearted

Roger Bacon

Saint Francis of Assisi


Thomas Aquinas

Thomas More

Urban II

William the Conqueror

















Rubric for Paper


1.  Organization (5 Points Max.)

_____  The paper is well-organized and includes an Introduction with a topic sentence, a Body with examples and clarifying statements, and a Conclusion summarizing findings.


2.  Clarity of Expression / Mechanics (5 Points Max.)

_____  The writing is clear and free of typographical and grammatical errors.


3.  Content (10 Points Max.)

_____  The paper summarizes the main points in the life of its subject.  (10 Points)


4.  Sources Provided (5 Points)

_____  Sources are provided.


Highest Score Possible:  25


Five (5) points will be deducted for each school day past the due date – no excuses.