Virginia Tech
Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering
CEE 4324/5384 - Open Channel Flow

Fall Semester 2014

Dr. Glenn E. Moglen

Course Description:

This course encompasses a rigorous examination of the concepts of energy, momentum, and friction as they relate to flow in open channels. Concepts of alternate depths, conjugate depths, normal depth, are developed and used to ultimately develop a close examination of the full range of gradually varied flow surface water profiles. The course stresses both analytical calculations and computer approaches culminating in a careful exploration of the HEC-RAS computer program. Numerical “labs” may be used to complement classroom discussions.

Course Materials and Homework:

Course Lecture Materials:

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A Note on Books:

There is one text listed for this course: Proficiency (and a good reading resource) in MATLAB or some other programming language will also be handy.

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by Glenn Moglen
Last Modified April 2, 2014