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The most basic way to create network diagrams using PERT/CPM techniques, is by manually drawing it. You can do this by using physical objects (e.g. Pen and Paper / marker and whiteboard). This can take some time, but you do gain more knowledge about the schedules details by, both needing to understand the rational and by simply spending more time on the process. For those whom time is of the essence (businesses), many software solutions exist to help create the diagrams.

Software that allows aid in constructing these models, rather than generating them for you, are plentiful, but those that were designed with business needs in mind are prefered. Microsoft's Visio is a popular software for creating business diagrams. Visio has set shapes that come for common diagrams, but also allows you to create your own. The advantage to Visio is that it is usually cheaper than purchasing a whole new software package, because Visio is used for so many other things and it is likely to already be owned by the agency/company.


Other Software Bundles can generate the diagrams from user input. Such input includes task durations, and precedence constraints. Once it knows what you know, it can do all the calculations for you and come up with the optimal diagram. Microsoft Project can accomplish this once you have created the Gantt chart. It seems that more/better packages are available, but the Project is the leading project management software. "Over 60% of the installed market of project management software is currently based on Microsoft Project ( split between MS Project 4.1, MS Project 98, Project 2000, and Project 2002). " [1]


Other Software includes:


Most software packages can accomplish more than just Pert/Cpm chart creation. That particular functionality is just a part of the whole, because there are many more tools which are vital for efficient project management. The Gannt chart is commonly integrated into the Pert/Cpm network diagrams because they share that same data on task duration and precedence. Other spreadsheet and scheduling tools share this information, and having them interconnected can save alot of time and make it so they all refer to the same data (less duplication of data).