MMUVA (Movement, Music and Visual Arts) is innovative custom software that uses motion capture to generate digital sound and image through movement. The creative technology of MMUVA produces original new media (electronic) artworks and provides instruction in the visual arts, music, dance and collaboration. MMUVA can be targeted to different age groups and be attuned to the cultural interests of specific groups. From preschool to high school, from simple body movement to complex computer programming, MMUVA is an embodied learning experience.
MMUVA was developed through the assistance of an Education Enhancement Grant at Virginia Tech.

MMUVA was first developed in the undergraduate cyber art class of Collaborative for Creative Technologies in Arts and Design (CCTAD) (Art 4504) taught by Dr Paterson in the Spring 2008. The class consisted of 3 art students, and 1 computer science student. Each of the arts students had an area of specific skill, including design, music and dance. Students were organized into cross-disciplinary teams to create large works of cyberart, for example, multi-screen sculptural installations, interactive virtual environments or digital video. The intention was to translate existing media into digital form and potentially create new media forms and genres. The collaborative focus was on the integrated, parallel development of digital media technologies and digital media content. In researching the work of cyber artists, new media artists, and a series of guest lectures from CCTAD members (which included animators, filmmakers, photographers and painters). Students completed a series of preliminary projects, which included activities to develop their skills before creating the final class project, which was a precursor to MMUVA. Visit video here.
The MMUVA Team