Monty's Gamble: Market Garden 2008 PBeM Tournament
[Updated 071309]

Final Results

  1. Jim Eliason
  2. Tod Whitehurst
  3. Anthony Daw
  4. Peter Phelps
  5. Mark Gutfreund
  6. Andrew Cummins


Jim Eliason was the top finisher preventing Tod Whitehurst from claiming his third title in a row.  There were fourteen participants and play was gentlemanly throughout the tournament.  This year the Germans took a slight advantage in wins 13 to 11 for the allies.  It still proves that this is one of the most balanced tournament games still being played.

Below is an AAR of the final game written by Jim.  It was the most unique game of MGM I’ve ever played and even with poor dice it could have turned around at any moment which is a tribute to the excitement that this game can produce.

MGM finals AAR
Tod’s note that the game was unique was a big understatement. Bizarre was more like it. The paratroops started well; Grave and St. Oedenrode were cleared at dawn. Tod used the Advantage for a double impulse 0 to assault Wolfheze (which worked), take Arnhem and the Son bridge all at once. This turned out badly since XXX corps was a disaster. The first day ended on impulse 3 and the whole of XXX corps assaulted and failed to even clear Zone F. Except I retreated the last unit out so I could have a fresh mobile unit in Eindhoven for the next day. This gave Tod 17 supply I could have denied him, but that extra fresh unit did turn out to be crucial.

After the first German impulse of the 18th Monty’s boys were looking at a delay unit in Valkenswaard from the 59th division, and two units backing it up in Geldrop. Eindhoven had 7 units with 18 steps in it, with a defense of 9. Tod went around Eindhoven, and it was still German-controlled at the end of the third day. But the Allied dice were very poor and despite the day going 12 impulses XXX corps got no point units across the Wilhelmina canal until regroup. The 180th division, which usually has to guard Zeeland on the 18th,was sent instead to Aarle and Nuenen. These guys plus Rink moving around from Acht and the fresh SS unit from Eindhoven held Neunen until impulse 7. The road was open to Uden, but only the two artillery units were still fresh.

While XXX corps struggled, the paratroops continued to do well. The Red Devils captured Elden and the Arnhem bridge and a big SS assault on the city caused only 1 CP. I could have prevented the fall of Elden by barraging Driel, but I opted for a bombardment instead, which failed. This could have been a crucial error on my part, but turned out to be moot. The 101st captured Best, and the XXX corps artillery motored through on their way to Uden. Most of the Germans starting in Zone C were sent west to stop XXX corps’ access to the Maas River, and the 82nd captured Wyler on impulse 8.

Meanwhile, the Germans were digging in, in and around Zeeland. On Monty’s first impulse of the overcast 19th, there were 5 fresh (including an artillery) and one spent units in Zeeland, two fresh and two spent units in Mill, and a fresh unit in Volkel blocking the road to Mill. He had no units with the MP to assault Zeeland or Mill until all the units there were spent, and only three that could assault spent units, and none of them were tanks. And the Germans had the Advantage. Clearing the block rapidly would have allowed a formidable force to assemble for an attack on Nijmegen since the day started on C and an OR of either Zeeland or Mill would give a +3 sunset drm and likely the second very long day in a row. But it was not to be. Allied dice stayed ice cold. XXX corps and Gds division artillery bombardments shredded the defenses, but too slowly. A 9-1 attack against 8 steps failed to clear Zeeland. It was finally cleared on impulse 7 by the last unit able to attack, but the day ended the same impulse, dooming any chance of a reasonable attack on Nijmegen (which was going to have five fresh units in it with two more able to reinforce), and prompting Tod to resign.

To add insult to injury, all the units of the 82nd able to get to Wyler had been disrupted by SS artillery fire, and the artillery park in Pannerden on the 20th was going to be defended by five FLK units. Wyler was very likely to be recaptured and Tod might have had to abandon it during regroup to avoid its loss also costing a sunset drm or even the Advantage if I needed to spend it early in the turn.

Tod kept his good cheer throughout this total dice blowout and I commend him for his tenacious and courteous play and good running of the event.

 Qualifications for tournament entry:

* Must be a 2008 member of the BPA, Associate level or higher.
* Must have an email account.
* Must have worldwide web access
* Must own a 'hard copy' of the game.
* All games will be reported to AREA ratings system

Start Date:

March 24th 2008.  Pending approval by BPA, must have minimum of 16 entrants to get BPA approval

Tod Whitehurst, GM  todw [at]
Anthony Daw Assistant GM dawgamer [at]
Mike Rinella, Assistant GM  drmike15 [at]

Tournament Format:  Single Elimination (this is not a ladder)

The Game: The four-day game with 10 VPs required for an Allied win.

Rules: We will be using the latest version of the rules version 1.21 download the latest version here. Frequently Asked Questions relevant to tournament play can be found here(pdf) (word ver here). A summary of the changes from 1.1 to 1.2 rules can be found here. NEW! there is a tutorial game of MGM available to show new players how the rules are implemented in a complete game of MGM it is available at (NOTE as of 3-24-08 the tutorial is only half completed)

Variants: Players are free to enter into any pre game rules agreement. With the following restrictions:

The agreement must be sent to the GM prior to side selection. All current printed rules, other than those specific to the agreement, are in effect

Players who wish to publish their agreements on the MGM tournament website are free to do so and the agreements will be known as a ‘Tournament Variant’ and they will be posted on this page. You will need to contact the GM about formatting an agreement for posting.

Players who wish to play a Tournament Variant may make that request at the beginning of each round. The following process will occur.

a. The player will send the GM a request to play a ‘Tournament Variant’.
b. The GM will attempt to put players wishing to play the same variant together in the tournament
c. If the GM is unable to place players with similar variant requests together placement will occur normally and play will commence using the standard tournament rules unless the players make an agreement prior to side selection.

Side Determination: Players can decide among themselves as to who plays which side. If the players are unable to agree then rule 23.5 will be used to determine sides. Bids will be submitted to the GM and in the event of a tie bid then a die roll will be used to determine sides.  In the event the GM must submit a bid then bids will be submitted to the Assistant GM.

Time limits:
Figure the average game has approximately 42 exchanges.

Each round will last 60 days. If you're not comfortable averaging two impulses every three days, then you are not likely to finish on time and should probably not enter. Not all gamers will care to match that. Still, the 60 day limit will be strictly adhered to. If still playing at the deadline, the two players will be asked who took the most time, and the winner will be the one who took less time. If the players cannot agree, the GM will decide based on evidence/testimony submitted. A good idea is to keep a record of the time your email box first received the last legal move from your opponent (not to be confused with the time you checked your mail) and the time you sent him your last legal move of a turn. Such off-line records will be considered if there is a time dispute. A simpler way is just to keep a note pad with one check mark for each day that goes by without a reply. If there are no such records or testimony, the GM will resolve the matter with a roll of the die. There will be no adjudication. If, in the GM's opinion, both players share responsibility in roughly equal proportions for not meeting the deadline, neither player will advance. However, given the level of sportsmanship in the BPA, I don't expect such problems. Nevertheless, players are forewarned not to undertake the tournament if they feel they cannot complete a game in the given time and are unable to commit an occasional weekend or holiday to catching up with multiple exchanges at the convenience of their opponent.

All pairings will be done randomly. There will be no byes - odd numbers having to beat an eliminator volunteer to advance.

PBeM Mechanics:

Honor system for die rolls only if both players agree. If not, then the use of an internet die roller is mandated. and or are recommended

After Regrouping, each player MUST record the position and status of all his units, and send this to his opponent.

Error Handling:

Player A makes an illegal move(s), attack(s), etc. Player B can accept the move as is without changes, or declining this, Player A must redo the entire impulse. Once Player B makes a move, any past illegal move by Player A is beyond correction.

The time it takes for player B to find the error and ask for a redo counts against player A, up to three days maximum. After that, the time counts against player B.

Miscalculated combat odds are not an error. Here, player B can accept the incorrect result player A gave, or, he may use the die roll against the proper odds, and readjust the results. There is no redo for this.

An unresolved attack is not an error. It must be resolved, unless player B does not catch it.
All the above is ironclad. There should be no reason to 'negotiate' how to handle an error. This helps ensure a well-played game by all.

Rule Disputes:

The GM will resolve all rule disputes. Before the event, the GM will name two assistants to rule on any disputes in which he is involved.

Remember that you must specify the use of the Advantage before seeing following dice results so if you elect to roll, for example, all your attacks versus flak towers in the same email to that only the last one will be subject to re-roll. Also, make a habit of identifying multi-part mailings as Part I and Part II to prevent an opponent from starting to move before you have finished. You should also get in the habit of copying your opponent with the results of's rolls both to signal the end of your impulse and your acknowledgment that you will not be using the Advantage to re-roll. Remember, once your opponent has rolled the dice on a legal move it is too late for you to specify use of the Advantage to re roll your last move.

Deadline: Once the players first round ends, side preferences and bids for round 2 are due. All players must submit their victory or concession by that date, or failing that, records of their "time clock" and their claim as to why they should be selected the winner based on time usage.

Byes: There will be no byes. When one becomes necessary, an Eliminator - an ineligible player will be assigned as an opponent. The Eliminator cannot advance - but he can eliminate an opponent. All eliminated players and interested latecomers are urged to offer their services as an Eliminator. If more than one Eliminator is available, they will be selected in order of AREA ranking.