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GE Global Research,
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Hi! All~ Thanks for visiting my personal website.

I am currently a research scientist, working with GE global research in Niskayuna NY. I obtained my PhD degree in Nov. 2010, working with Dr. Chris Wyatt at the Bioimaging Systems Lab, ECE, Virginia Tech. My PhD research topic is on deformable registration for neuro images, which is an essential step for machine-aided analysis of brain MRIs.

I obtained my M.Sc. degree in computing science from Simon Fraser University in Burnaby, Canada in Nov. 2006, working with Dr. Richard Zhang.


During my master studies, we developed a semi-automatic expression-invariant face recognition algorithm, using low-level geometric information extracted from 3D face surfaces. Our system achieves high-accuracy 3D face recognition performance and we believe it is currently among the best available.

Besides, I participated in several other research topics, including human computer interaction (HCI), medical image segmentation, application module design for NA-MIC project, and image based rendering (IBR).

I did three research internships in Spring 2007, Summer 2008 and 2010, with Dolby Canada and General Electric (GE), respectively. While being with Dolby, we developed a color correction algorithm to compensate the back-panel LED color temperature variation for High-Dynamic Range (HDR) TV. With GE, I participated in projects on tissue-classification algorithm design for the GE Dual Energy CT images and morphological feature computation for medical images with application on the colon polyp detection.

I got my B.Eng from the Electrical and Electronic Engineering department in Huazhong University of Science and Technology (HUST). I am especially thankful for all the academic trainings provided by HUST, from which I learned to think more like an engineer.

Besides the academic world, I am interested in many activities. I love gardening and cooking. My jigsaw-puzzle works almost fill the entire wall of my apartment. I play a lot with my camera, which I guess is a gift from my father. I am also a volunteer in a local feral cat rescue association. I love music ... well, maybe also dance, but I am not so good. Also, I am a HUGE fan of VT football team, just to explore how nervous I am on our game days.

Thanks for your reading, to know more about my research and personal life, please visit the rest of this site.

What I do: code, derive; think, develop; make, communicate.

What I don't do: fake, waste; quibble, retreat; cheat, sophisticate.

Good or bad, I am driven by passion.