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Welcome to Abhranil's webpage

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Secure Embedded Systems Lab

Electrical & Computer Engineering Department

Virginia Tech

Blacksburg, Virginia, USA

abhranil at vt dot edu

About Me
I was a PhD student in the ECE Department of Virginia Tech. I worked with Dr. Patrick Schaumont in the area of secure embedded systems design. For more detail about my research, please follow my research page. I have joined Intel Corporation in Hillsboro, Oregon after completing my PhD.
Aug 29th - 31st,2012: Attended IEEE 22nd International Conference on Field Programmable Logic and Applications (FPL) in Oslo, Norway. Presented the paper titled "A Novel Microprocessor-Intrinsic Physical Unclonable Function".
Jul 2nd,2012: Joined Intel Corporation in Hillsboro,Oregon.
Apr 30,2012: Successfully defended my PhD dissertation.

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