Feng Guo

Feng Guo

Associate Professor, 2013

Department of Statistics

Virginia Tech Transportation Institute

Ph.D., Statistics, University of Connecticut, 2007

Ph.D., Transportation, University of Connecticut, 2010

Office: 415B Hutcheson Hall
Phone: (540) 231-7933
Phone: (540) 231-1038 (VTTI office)
Fax: (540) 231-3863
E-mail: feng.guo@vt.edu

Research Interests:

  • Transportation Statistics
  • Bayesian Models
  • Traffic Safety Modeling
  • Spatial Statistics
  • Generalized Linear Models

Selected Publications:

  • Sheila G. Klauer*, Feng Guo*, Bruce G. Simons-Morton, Marie Claude Ouimet, Suzie E. Lee, and Tom A. Dingus, "The Prevalence and Risk of Cell Phone and Other Secondary Tasks as Observed in Crashes and Near-Crashes with Novice and Experienced Drivers", In press: New England Journal of Medicine

  • Feng Guo, Bruce G. Simons-Morton, Sheila E. Klauer, Marie Claude Ouimet, Thomas A. Dingus, and Suzanne E. Lee, "Variability in Crash and Near-Crash Risk among Novice Teenage Drivers: A Naturalistic Study", in press for the Journal of Pediatrics .

  • Feng Guo and Youjia Fang, "Individual Driver Risk Assessment Using Naturalistic Driving Data", In Press for Accident Analysis and Prevention .

  • Guo, Feng, Qing Li, and Hesham Rakha(2012). "Multistate Travel Time Reliability Models with Skewed Component Distributions." Transportation Research Record: Journal of the Transportation Research Board 2315, no. -1 : 47-53.

  • Hickman, J.S., Guo, F., Hanowski, R.J., Bishop, R., Bergoffen, G., & D. Murray. (2012). Safety benefits of speed limiters in commercial motor vehicles using carrier-collected crash data. Journal of Intelligent Transportation Systems, 16(4), 177-183..

  • Antin, J. F., Lockhart, T., Stanley, L. M., Guo, F (2012), "Comparing the impairment profiles of older drivers and non-drivers: toward the development of a fitness-to-drive model". Safety Science vol. 50, 333-341.

  • Yan Jiao, Enric Corts, Kate Andrews, and Feng Guo (2011), "Poor-data and data-poor species stock assessment using a Bayesian hierarchical approach", Ecological Applications 21(7), pp. 2691-2708.

  • David C. Novak, Christopher Hodgdon, Feng Guo, and Lisa Aultman-Hall (2011) "Nationwide Freight Generation Models: A Spatial Approach", Networks and Spatial Economics. Vol.11 pp 23-41.

  • Feng Guo, Hesham Rakha, Sangjun Park (2010) "A Multi-State Travel Time Reliability Model", Transportation Research Record: Journal of the Transportation Research Board. Vol. 2188, Page 46-54

  • Sangjun Park, Hesham Rakha, Feng Guo (2010), "Multi-state Travel Time Reliability Model: Model Calibration Issues", Transportation Research Record: Journal of the Transportation Research Board. Vol. 2188, Page 74-84.

  • Feng Guo, Sheila G. Klauer, Jonathan M. Hankey, Tomas A. Dingus (2010), "Using Near-Crashes as a Crash Surrogate for Naturalistic Driving Studies" Transportation Research Record: Journal of the Transportation Research Board. Vol 2147 pp 66-74.

  • Feng Guo, Xuesong Wang, and Mohamed A. Abdel-Aty, "Modeling Signalized Intersection Safety with Corridor Level Spatial Correlations" (2010), Accident Analysis and Prevention. 42(1): 84-92.

  • Feng Guo, Dipak Dey, and Kent Holsinger,(2009) "A Bayesian Hierarchical Model for Analysis of Single-Nucleotide Polymorphisms Diversity in Multilocus, Multipopulation Samples", Journal of American Statistical Association. Vol. 104, No. 485 pp. 142-154

  • Darren Scott, David Novak, Lisa Aultman-Hall, and Feng Guo, "Network Robustness Index: A New Method for Identifying Critical Links and Evaluating the Performance of Transportation Networks", Journal of Transportation Geography, 2006 Vol 14 No. 3. pp. 215-227.

Selected Grants:

  • Co-PI (PI: Ron Gibbons) "Evaluating the Efficacy of Lighting, Markings, and Paint Schemes in Reducing the Incidence of Law Enforcement Vehicle Crashes", US Department of Justice, $806,199 (2013-2015)

  • Co-PI (PI: Myra Blanco) "Field Study of Heavy Vehicle Crash Avoidance Systems" Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, $1,997,955, 2012-

  • PI, "Shanghai Naturalistic Driving Study" $121,000, Tongji University.

  • PI, "International Driver Behavior Comparison using Shanghai NDS", $140,000, National Surface Transportation Safety Center for Excellence

  • PI "Olde Driver Fitness-to-Driver Analysis Using Naturalistic Driving Data" $25,000 National Surface Transportation Safety Center for Excellence

  • PI, "The Impacts of Safety Critical Events on Driver Behaviors", $25,000, National Surface Transportation Safety Center for Excellence

  • PI, "Traffic Safety Predictive Modeling", The CEI Group, $85,000

  • Co-PI (PI: Ron Gibbons), "Strategic Initiative for Evaluation of Reduced Lighting on Roadways" Federal Highway Administration. $906,841, 2011~2013

  • Co-PI (PI: Gerardo Flitch) , "Development and Demonstration of Pavement Management Programs" Federal Highway Administration, $131,268 (Phase I)

  • Co-PI (PI: Sheila Klauer), "A Trip Level Analysis of Driver Distraction Using 100–Car Study Database", $284,252, Insurance Institute of Highway Safety

  • Co-PI (PI: Jeff Hickman) "Commercial Driver Difference Study" Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, $3,000,000. 2010-2015.

  • PI, "Final Report for NADS Lane Change Collision Avoidance System Study", National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. $ 29,967, Jan 2009- Aug 2009.

  • PI, "Developing Bayesian Models for Naturalistic Driver Study", National Surface Transportation Safety Center for Excellence, $59,755, Sept 2008-Current

  • Co-PI (PI: Jon Hankey), "Identify risk factors using 100-Car study data", National Surface Transportation Safety Center for Excellence $30,000, Sept 2007-Sept 2008

  • Co-PI, "Development of an optimal nationwide freight planning zone system", the New England University Transportation Center, $54,772, September 2004 to August 2005

Selected Reports from Funded Projects:

  • Hickman, J.S., Guo, F., Camden, M.C., Medina, A., Hanowksi, R.J., & Mabry, J.E. (in press). Onboard Safety Systems Effectiveness Evaluation?Final Report. Contract# DTMC75-09-C-00022. Washington DC: Federal Motor?Carrier Safety Administration.

  • Hanowski, R.J., Bergoffen, G., Hickman, J.S., Guo, F., Murray, D.,Bishop, R., Johnson, S., & Camden, M. (2012). Research on the Safety?Impacts of Speed Limiter Device Installations on Commercial Motor?Vehicles. Washington, DC: Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

  • Myra Blanco, Richard J. Hanowski, Rebecca L. Olson, Justin F. Morgan, Susan A. Soccolich, Shih-Ching Wu, Feng Guo (2011), "The Impact of Driving, Non-Driving Work, and Rest Breaks on Driving Performance in Commercial Motor Vehicle Operations", Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, Report FMCSA-RRR-11-017

  • Rakha, H., J. Du, S. Park, F. Guo, Z. Doerzaph, , D. Viita, G. Golembiewski, B. Katz, N. Kehoe, and H. Rigdon (2011) "Feasibility of Using In-Vehicle Video Data to Explore How to Modify Driver Behavior That Causes Nonrecurring Congestion", Report S2-L10-RR-1, Transportation Research Board

  • Feng Guo, Brian M. Wotring, and Jonathan F. Antin (2010), "Evaluation of Lane Change Collision Avoidance Systems Using the National Advanced Driving Simulator", National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Report number: DOT HS 811-332

  • Sheila G. Klauer, Feng Guo, Jeremy Sudweeks, and Thomas A. Dingus (2010), An Analysis of Driver Inattention Using a Case-Crossover Approach On 100-Car Data, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, report number: DOT HS 811 334.

  • Feng Guo, Sheila G. Klauer, Michael T. McGill, Thomas A. Dingus (2010), “The Relationship Between Near-Crashes and Crashes: Can Near-Crashes Serve as a Surrogate Safety Metric for Crashes” the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Report number: DOT HS 811-382.

  • Feng Guo, Jonathan M. Hankey (2009), "Modeling 100-Car Safety Events: A Case-Based Approach for Analyzing Naturalistic Driving Data" (2009) the National Surface Transportation Safety Center for Excellence

  • Sheila G. Klauer, Feng Guo, Vicki L. Neale, and David J. Ramsey, Estimating the relationship between highway infrastructure and environmental factors to traffic safety. Virginia Tech Transportation Institute Center for Automotive Safety Research, May, 2008

  • Lisa Aultman-Hall, Feng Guo*, Darren Scott, and Ted Grossardt, Development of Freight Commodity Generation Models. Final report to the U.S. DOT Bureau of Transportation Statistics, December 2002.

  • Lisa Aultman-Hall, Feng Guo, Chris O’Brien, Pat Padlo and Brian Hogge, Incorporating Truck Flows into the State-wide Planning Traffic Model. Final Research Report to the Connecticut Cooperative Highway Research Program Report #04-299, November 2004, (74 pages).

  • John Ivan, Wael ElDessouki, Ming Zhao, and Feng Guo* Estimating Link Traffic Volumes by Month, Day of Week, and Time of Day. Joint Highway Research Advisory Council Report 02-287.